Lovers Sage Stick California Pickings


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The Lovers sage smudge sticks are bundled during the waxing moon phase of each month. The waxing moon is a time of transition from new to full, where the moon is slowly regaining its splendid fullness. It is a time to manifest and attract desires and wishes. It is a time used to manifest prosperity, luck, attract money and success, as well as, love and happiness.

With the intention of the waxing moon, these bundles are intended to be burned at a ceremony where the union of two, birth, new home, transition into next phase of life.

The Lovers sage smudge stick includes locally- sourced botanicals. The bundles include:
-rosemary invoke the bounty of mother earth and grounding vibration.
-Red and white roses offer protection, healing and intuition.
- sage for clearing negative energy
-Lavender invokes gentleness, love and kindness

-1 hand-crafted bundle, measures appr. 5-6" 12$
Or larger ones 8-9” 24$

-All elements in the smudge stick are sustainably harvested, wild-crafted with intention to clear, connect and bless.
All plants handpicked from the beautiful grounds of San Diego California.

Banish negativity from your home . All herbs are picked thoughtfully and wrapped carefully. Smudging is the act of purifying energy or banishing negative energy from a space. Smudge sticks are widely used by practitioners of many different religions, and can be used in ritual or just in your household!

To banish negativity from a space, light the smudge stick and blow the flame out after a few seconds. Walk through the space with the smudge and visualize the negative energy floating away with the smoke. To extinguish, let it burn out or grind in the bottom of a cauldron, safe dish or stone.

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