Green Aventurine Bracelet Ring Set


Shipping to United States: $1.99

Green Aventurine for Opportunity
This stone is to help maintain energy and optimism in challenging times and to just go for it!!

Wear it with you to give you the positive attitude to just jump for it and take every opportunity with this simple yet lovely bracelet and ring set you are generating positive energy when it comes to challenging times.

I am ready to make the most of every day.

All bracelets and rings are made a size 7 ( most common size in the US )

Women’s Bracelet Sizes. Most Common: 7 inches (17.8 cm) Average: 6.5 – 8 inches (16.5 – 20.3 cm)

Common ring sizes for women is 7 (17.3 mm)


Know the size of your wrist and ring? Or just want the perfect fit send us a message with both your ring and bracelet size ( don’t forget to give yourself wiggle room) that you want and send us a message we want you to have the perfect fit.

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